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Information about Training BASIC TPRS Sign Language training in World

TPRS, or Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling® * (loosely translated learning languages with stories), is a successful and new method for the secondary-language education sector. With which both students and teachers have more fun in the lessons and simultaneously get better results.

Sign language for everyone (gebarentaal voor iedereen) has made this method their own and in cooperation with TPRS Netherlands made a training for sign language teachers to get to know the method.

The BASIC training consists of five gatherings and is meant for sign language teachers whom teach second-language learners. Other language teachers are welcome (however the spoken language during the training will be international sign language).

During the 5-days training you get to know TPRS, and how to use it when teaching a language to your students .

There will be many practical exercises and the training will end with a lesson given by each of the partakers using this method.


* “TPRS and TPR Storytelling® are registered trademarks owned by Blaine Ray Workshops, Inc.”


What does the BASIC training contain?

The training consists of either 3 weekends and one week (dates and times in deliberate)

There are many practical exercises and the training will conclude with a language-lesson given by each of the participants using this method.


Content program – lesson 1:

You will receive basic information about TPRS and its origin

At the end of this lesson:

–        You experienced how it feels to have a TPRS lesson.

–        You will understand why TPRS works the way it does.

–        You will understand the upmost importance of meaning and understanding in general.

–        You will be able to repeat things in different ways until all course members remember all the signs.


Content program – lesson 2:

Two of the techniques of TPRS are thought and practiced. There will also be practical exercises for each of the techniques.

At the end of the day you will know:

–        The techniques called: Circling and PQA (personal questions and answers)

–        How to apply the techniques Circling and PQA in a lesson


Content program – lesson 3:

New content to the techniques of TPRS are offered.

There will also be more practicing with the techniques learned the day before, new techniques thought this day will be included in these exercises.

At the end of the day:

–        You will know the techniques of TPRS: Circling, PQA and giving Commands.

–        You will understand how these techniques work.

–        You have insight about how the method TPRS works in the teaching of a language.


Content program – lesson 4

In the fourth gathering making stories is practiced and there’s an explanation as to what what requirements  the stories have. (according to the TPRS-Method).

There’s an explanation on how to make your stories personal for the student and why this is so important.

The afternoon is reserved to practice teaching with TPRS. There’s also the opportunity to give feedback and ask questions about the TPRS-lesson you’re going to give during the last day of your training.


Content program – lesson 5

The fifth and last meeting is a test-meeting.

This means everyone is now able to give a lesson following the TPRS-method.

Using turns each participant will give a short lesson of NGT, this lesson will be recorded and judged by the trainer through an assessment form.

After the test there is a fun conclusion of the training, with some nice snacks and drinks.

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09:30 am to 17:30 pm including lunch and coffee / tea







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  • a presentation map
  • a bag
  • a pen
  • a notebook
  • Book “Fluency through TPR Storytelling




  • a USB with IS translation theory of “Fluency through TPR Storytelling
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Training ADVANCED TPRS Sign Language for teachers



09:30 am to 17:30 pm including lunch and coffee / tea




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