Terms of delivery for training TPRS Sign Language


Article 1. Definitions

 1.1 Client: the natural or legal person with whom an agreement regarding participation in a course.
 1.2 Participant: the natural person who physically behalf of the client to participate in the course.
 1.3 Course: course, training, workshops, coaching, counseling or any other gathering with the aim of transferring and / or enhance knowledge and / or skills.
 1.4 Open course: Course with participation by student (s) from different companies and / or organizations.
 1.5 ‘In company’ – course: Course with participation by student (s) from the same company and / or organization.
Conditions: these terms and conditions.

Article 2. Applicability



 The conditions apply to all offers, general offers (legal) acts, agreements and the like of Sign Language for Everyone, whether they are associated with, or follow already made offers, general offers (legal) acts, agreements and such.
2.2 Changes or additions to the conditions must be confirmed in writing by the contractor
2.3 A registration in the manner specified in article 3 paragraph 1 or accepting an offer referred to in Article 4 paragraph 2 implies acceptance of the applicability of these conditions.

Applicability of general conditions of the client is excluded to the extent they conflict with these terms and conditions

Article 3. Registration and confirmation open course and training



Registration for by providing sign language for all open courses and training can be done by  the client by sending by mail or fax the completed registration form, by telephone registration  or notification by e-mail / e-mail in digital form.
3.2 Sign Language for Everyone confirms an entry that has been done in the manner ever written mentioned in the previous paragraph (by post, fax, email or otherwise). By sending this confirmation, the agreement regarding participation in the relevant course established. The proof of the conclusion of the agreement by the parties, however, can also be proved by other means.
3.3 The order confirmation displays the (contents of the) agreement again, subject to proof.

Article 4. Agreement in respect ‘in company’ – course

4.1 As regards an in-company – course the client will receive an offer on Sign Language for Everyone.
4.2 The agreement concerning participation in an in-company – course is established by general acceptance of the tender.


The content of the tender is to reflect the agreement. A deviating acceptance of the offer is a rejection of the original offer and an invitation to make a new offer. Sign language for all is not obliged to draw up a new quotation.

Article 5. Prices of open courses and training



Sign up through a digital form or telephone registration is subject to the course fees, as stated in the latest course brochure issued by Sign Language for Everyone or spread or as stated on the website, regardless of whether the client this knows and strictly subject pressure errors.
5.2 Upon registering for a course using the application on the basis of a mailing, the prices indicated in the mailing.
5.3 Upon registration by filling in the form via the Internet and sending e-mail / electronic mail, the rates are as stated at the time of registration on the Internet.
5.4 In the course and training prices the cost of course/training materials are included, unless otherwise stated.
5.5 When is a tax course applicable, prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and taxes charged.
5.6 Prices can be changed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Prices will be adjusted by changes in the tax regime and / or the amount of the applicable VAT rates.

Article 6. Prices of ‘in company’ – course and training

6.1 The training courses price stated in the offer is binding only for the duration of the quotation, but not more than 30 days after the date of the offer.
6.2 The course fee quoted are for course materials cost included unless otherwise stated.
6.3 When is a course / training VAT applicable, prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and taxes charged.
6.4 Prices may be adjusted due to unforeseen circumstances.

Prices will be adjusted by changes in the tax regime and / or the amount of the applicable VAT rates.

Article 7. Payment



After registering for a course or training listed in Article 3 or after acceptance of the offer referred to in Article 4 sends Sign language for all invoices and / or digital invoice regarding the course to the client.
7.2 Payment by the client must be made in full within 14 days after the invoice date, at the latest before the first day of the course, without any right to discount or set-off, at the offices of Sign Language for Everyone or by means of a deposit on a Sign Language for Everyone designated bank account.


If the client paid within the period mentioned in paragraph 2 of this Article shall automatically be in default he is without any further notice being required. The client in this case is also without further warning from the due date until the date of full payment an interest of 1% per month, calculated on the outstanding amount, whereby part of a month is considered as a whole.


If the client does not or does not pay on time, are there for Sign Language for all resulting costs borne by the client. These costs include all judicial and extrajudicial costs, including the costs of summons, debt collection, lawyer / attorney. The extrajudicial costs are set at at least 15% of the amount due.


If before the start of the course, not the full payment of the course fee by – Company Name – is received, then the student will not be entitled to participate in the course, without relieve the principal from the obligation to pay the full course fee plus any additional costs.


Payment by the client must be made in full by debit authorization to set preferencesdepreciation. Sign Language for Everyone may write off the amount owed by the client, based on the authorization by the client in a digital form.

Article 8. Transfer data ‘in company’ – course by the client

A part of the course can take up to four weeks before the date fixed in consultation be moved free of charge to another date. When moving less than four weeks – and more than one (1) week – 50% of the course fee for date will be charged. When moving within one (1) week before the agreed date, the full amount due course.

Article 9. Cancellation open course by the client

9.1 Cancellation by the client of the agreement concerning an open course is only possible by registered letter no later than 8 weeks before the scheduled first day.


If canceled up to 8 weeks before the first course will be charged € 50, = (excluding VAT). For cancellations from 6 weeks to 4 weeks before the first course will be 50% of the course fee as cancellation fee. Cancellation within four (4) weeks before the first course is the full tuition and the client is not entitled to a refund of the amount already paid.

Cancellation by the client of the course contract after the start of the course is not possible.

Article 10. Cancellation by Sign Language for Everyone

Sign Language for Everyone reserves the right to cancel the course no later than three days before the first course. The clients are informed in this regard without delay. Sign Language for Everyone will refund tuition fee paid by the client. If possible, sign language for all client offers an alternative. If the client uses this tuition fee is not refundable.

Article 11. Liability



Sign Language for Everyone is not liable for any damage caused by or in connection with participation in a course of Sign Language for Everyone or the cancellation of the course agreement Sign Language for Everyone, except to Sign Language for all intent or gross negligence can be imputed .
11.2 Should Sign Language for Everyone at some point, despite the provisions of paragraph 1 be liable for any damage, it will be limited to the invoice amount.

Indirect damage is not compensated.

Article 12. Intellectual property

12.1 The provided course material is property of the client. The rights of intellectual property related to the course, course materials and any other documents / products related to the course through Sign Language for Everyone reserved.


Without revealing the express written consent of Sign Language for all the client is not authorized data and / or parts and / or extracts from the supplied course materials, exploit or in any way whatsoever reproduce.

Article 13. Replacement teacher or trainer

Sign Language for Everyone is entitled at any time a teacher or trainer, through her with the implementation of the course – contract charge, replace it with another teacher or trainer.

Article 14. Applicable Law

14.1 All offers, general offers (legal) acts like of Sign Language for Everyone and similarities between Sign Language for Everyone and the client Dutch law.



All disputes arising between the parties following an offer, general tender (legal) act, agreement and the like, to which these conditions apply or as a result of agreements arising therefrom shall be brought before the competent court in the place or the district where registered Sign Language for Everyone, unless the law stipulates otherwise.

Article 15. Placement of reservation, orders, prices and payment

15.1 Conditions for buyers do not apply unless their applicability through Sign Language for Everyone is accepted in writing.


A reservation or order is final only after sign language for groups receiving the reservation oorder confirmed by a reservation or order confirmation. Payment is made in the manner specified by Sign Language for Everyone (mail). Sign Language for Everyone is entitled to a buyer other than by requiring the selected payment method. Prices are expressed in Euros

Article 16. Cancellation –  reservation

Cancellation by the buyer of the reservation is only possible by registered mail no later than four weeks before the planned first Visual Music performance